Infrastructure & Facilities

...but Christ is faithful over God's house as a son. And we are his house if indeed we hold

fast our confidence and our boasting

in our hope. Hebrews 3:6

Ron HeinInfrastructure & Facilities Team Leader

Team Members

Larry Bjorlin

Bill & Carol Hall

Tom & Kathy Kennedy

John Peterson

The Infrastructure & Facilities team is responsible for the church property; maintenance and repairs; insurance; inventories; developing processes and procedures for church administration; and any other items requested by the Council.

The duties of the Infrastructure & Facilities team are:

  • Make an annual inspection of the church properties and equipment and recommend to council needed repairs, improvements or replacements. This will be done in March of each year.
  • Conduct an annual inventory of all church properties, equipment and supplies. An ongoing inventory will be maintained and any new acquisitions will be added at the time of the acquisition. Each acquisition shall be added to the inventory list to include date of acquisition, from whom it was acquired, the date and value of the item.
  • Carry out all resolutions of the council and the annual meeting of the congregation on major purchases, repairs and/or replacement of church property and equipment.
  • Determine and engage, with congregational approval, adequate custodial help. The F & I Team shall also meet periodically with custodian(s) to discuss the care of the building, needs and problems in custodial service and any other things that needs to be brought to the team's attention.
  • Prepare for the custodian(s) a detailed list of the required daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance for the facilities and equipment of the congregation.
  • Annually review and recommend salaries for custodial help and recommend policies and practices regarding fair employment laws and regulations.
  • Determine and establish, with council approval, policies that govern the use of church property and equipment.
  • Develop and improve processes for all administrative activities and actions of the church. They will be maintained in a Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Supervise, control and recommend adequate storage facilities for all church property, equipment, supplies and the orderly maintenance of same.
  • Every three (3) years check the adequacy of all types of insurance for church property and equipment and negotiate insurance contracts.
  • Check all property twice a year for fire hazards and make sure church properties and equipment are in compliance with all applicable fire codes.
  • Enlist work crews for special repair, improvement, cleaning, painting, decorating, landscaping and other projects that are within the capabilities of being done by congregational members.
  • Negotiate contracts for work that is outside of the capabilities of congregation members. Oversee and inspect any such work to ensure that it meets the specifications of the contract.
  • Arrange for immediate repairs of an urgent nature.
  • Negotiate, contract for and oversee normal repairs and alterations for which budgeted funds have been established.
  • Negotiate purchase and service contracts for office machines, audio visual equipment, computers, service contracts and utilities to include, telephone, electrical, heating.
  • Establish and oversee a process for document control. This includes a determination of what documents need to be maintained for historical, legal and “good order” purposes and the length of time that each document needs to be maintained.
  • Establish a process for ensuring and maintaining the privacy of sensitive documents and a process for the safe storage of all maintained documents to ensure that they are safe from destruction.
  • Make an annual inventory of designated documents in safekeeping, and enter its completion in the official minutes of the congregation.
  • Establish and maintain a "fenced” budget for future repair, maintenance or replacement of church property and equipment.
  • Submit an annual budget request in the format requested by the treasurer.
  • Prepare a report of all the past year activities of the F & I Team for the annual meeting of the congregation.